Aim for the eyes
Spyrius by surmalegobros

Spyrius by surmalegobros

Lego Gundam X Divider (POVray): Harmonica Cannon by mithrylaltaire
Ice Planet 2002 by Mr—Jack

Voltron in Lego PT 6 Defender of the Universe by BWTMT Brickworks

BWTMT BRICKWORKS by Boyzwiththemosttoyz BWTMT BRICKWORKS by Boyzwiththemosttoyz

Illuminated Mosaic LEGO Link and Triforce Portrait by VonBrunk
Shadowstrike Vic Viper by Bricknave

Epic Lego Transformer Contest (2014) by BWTMT Brickworks

The Epic Legoformer Contest (2014)
1) Create a new, unique, original transformer character - (no rehashes of existing formers)
2) Build it out of Lego (no LDD or virtual building)
3) Make a vid of your creation and post it to Youtube
4) Email the link to your vid to

Deadline for entries - Mar 31 2014
Voting by youtubers - April 1 to 30th 2014


It Took 400,000 Lego Bricks to Build Hogwarts

Alice Finch built this humongous Hogwarts replica using 400,000 Lego bricks, not just completing the outside of the school accurately, but also creating an interior to just about every room Hogwarts has to offer as well. We’re talking Snape’s classroom, the Chamber of Secrets, potions lab, the Great Hall, and everything else you can think of. Photos of the entire school can be found on her Flickr.

Brothers Brick has an interview with Finch about the massive creative feat. Flip through her photos to see numerous references and characters to the beloved book/film series.

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Dear LEGO,

You’ve lost. Stop engendering your sets.

Meufer and Shadow Man by Meufer

Nicely done!
LEGO Ghostbusters and their Cadillac Ecto-1! by ryanthescooterguy